Contemplating complicity and complexity

This last month has been interesting in that I’m heavily “addicted” to Facebook posting of pictures and other websites and Pinterest pins. It seems that I’m trying to find the me-ness of me and considering how to share this with the world and connect with others through that me-ness in some capacity. I believe this is one space that also offers such things. But when I come back to this familiar, it does feel disconnected. I also recently, this morning, observed a colleague inaction in her classroom and thought about her dynamic energy and praxis and how the students were so engaged. There was a tension between everyone wanting to participate and offer their perspective…a good tension. I don’t know that you can sustain that high intensity and energy for prolonged periods, but it is revitalizing for me and energizes me to see my own classroom differently.

What I thought about during this discussion about ethical leadership were the constant tensions embedded in each layer of the onion that was being peeled away in the dialogue: personal, professional, systemic/organizational, societal and it made me think of what drives us in this new age of technology and how a paradigm shift is on the horizon…we are being pushed to the proverbial edge, teetering on the tipping point and being “faced by the snake” (Krishnamurti), in the precipice between the abyss of the unknown and our patterns of apathy. It is hard to sustain the energy to be the crusader for change, but when you consider the formula for success of the “right place, time and conditions”…it all comes together and doesn’t feel so exhausting. The discussion of the good student, patient, faculty and nurse came up eminating from the “virtue script”.


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